Inclusive swimming

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My inclusive swimming classes are designed to assist people with a physical or intellectual disability transition to the learn to swim program. For those who are unable to transition, I aim to teach safety and swimming skills to the best possible standard the child can achieve.

Water therapy

Ensuring our swimmers are comfortable and happy to be in and around the water. This sets them up with the best chance of learning. Moreover, moving the body parts in the water will lead to improving the neuromuscular system to reach new points in the body.

Water safety

Water safety is imperative for every learner, however even more so for our swimmers who have a decreased ability to perceive risk and danger. water safety will be gained by knowing the pool borders, how to enter safely and knowing where the deep and shallow parts.

learn to swim

Adapting and modifying our teaching techniques to ensure that we cater for all different learning styles and abilities. We work toward individual goals, rather than trying to fit learners into pre-determined ‘levels’.