Baby Swimming Course in Graz

The course is offered in three different languages (German, English and Arabic)

Why infants should learn swimming?

Frst benefit

Reduces the Risk of Drowning.

Second benefit

Boosts Development of the Whole Child and Improves Motor Development.

3rd benefit

Accelerates Cognitive Development.

4th benefit

Increases Memory Capacity.

5th benefit

Expands Cerebral communications and Strengthens Social Confidence.

6th benefit

Enhances Neurological Development and Deepens the Parent-Infant Bond

NEW: Baby Swimming Courses (Private)

Home preparation 0 - 4 months
Home preparation course for infants from birth until 4 months, to improve their sensitives for water, train their body responses to water to become more familiar with water on their face.
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4 - 8 months
After completing 4 months, the infants will start to practice in the swimming pool in this course. The infant will be trained to hold their breath, submerged with an assistant, improving gripping skills, and independence submerges until 5 seconds. The 4 Lessons course cost €75 and the 8 lessons course cost €125.
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8 - 12 months
After completing 8 months, the infant can have more control over their body, and in this course, improve all the skills they have mastered before to make it longer, breath-hold, and kicking. Moreover, infants will practice floating to do it longer and independently. Moreover, and turning their body in the water. The 4 Lessons course cost €75 and the 8 lessons course cost €125.
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*The participants can choose the day and time between 7 – 12 am on Saturday and Sunday.
*The duration of each lesson is 30 minutes.
*The 4 lessons course is lesson per week, 8 lessons course is 2 lessons per week.

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