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Discover the levantine dialect effortlessly with our self-paced guide! Designed for non-native speakers, this book covers A1-A2 levels, providing a unique blend of English and levantine dialect. 



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No tutor needed – our book comes complete with engaging audio, images, and interactive exercises for an enjoyable learning experience. 
 Equip yourself with the essentials, from language skills to a deep understanding of levantine culture. Your linguistic journey starts now with our user-friendly book, offering a direct and comprehensive approach to learning the levantine dialect.

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To book lessons and practice Arabic with a native speaker and a teacher with over 5 years of experience, you can contact us at this number +962 79 1488 406

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Content: Our book stands as the first of its kind, designed for self-learning without the need for a tutor.

Expert Author:

Crafted by a seasoned Arabic speaker proficient in both formal and colloquial Arabic, backed by 5 years of teaching expertise.

Cost-Effective Learning

Say goodbye to tutoring expenses – our book is designed to make you independent in your language learning journey.

Comprehensive Learning Package

Our book features audio recordings for accurate pronunciation and exposure to authentic dialects. It provides detailed explanations of fundamental grammar rules, abundant exercises, and engaging texts for practicing both reading and writing skills.

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