It's time to SWIM out with MO

Swimming courses in arabic, english and german


Your advantages to enrolling with Mo

Weekends and week days

My swimming courses available for 30 days*12 months

Small groups

2 persons are the maximum on my group courses, so you can have more time to learn and fun.

Kids and Adults

I have the ability to make swimming learning easy for kids and adults.


Do not worry about your trip, you can manage the class that you want to attend and not.

3 Languages

you can choose the course language that you understand it easily, to make your learning run smoothly.

Medal prize

Get a medal after successfully passing the course: Bronz, Silver and Gold medals.


As a member of Swim England, I follow the curriculum of swim England organization for delivering the best methods of teaching swimming to the kids and adults in an easy, safer and enjoyable way. Each lesson is planned separately regarding the ability of each participant, focusing more on making learning swimming more joyful for kids and with achievable challenges to improve their confidence in their self and in the water. Swim England organization is a world-leading syllabus in teaching swimming.

swimming courses offers

6 sessions 1:1

Private course
  • Kids & adults
  • 30 minutes each
  • The whole week
  • The course period should not extend more than 2 months from the first session date.

The fees for an extra person will be €130.

6 sessions/60 minutes for both.

8 Sessions 1:1

Private course
  • Kids & adults
  • 30 minutes each
  • Flexible planning
  • The whole week
  • The course period should not extend more than 10 weeks from the first session date.

The fees for an extra person will be €160.  8 sessions/60 minutes for both.

10 Sessions 1:1

Private course
  • Kids & adults
  • 30 minutes each
  • Flexible planning
  • The whole week
  • The course period should not extend more than 3 months from the first session date.

The fee for an extra person will be €190. 10 sessions/60 minutes for both.

16 sessions

Private course
  • Kids & adults
  • 30 minutes each
  • Fix appointments
  • on the chosen days
  • from Jan - April
  • save 80€
  • Limited spots
Winter offer

new swimmers

Mohanad Al-Karajeh (Mo)

Swimming instructor, Sport Rehabilitation and Strength & Conditioning training



2021 - ongoing

after school supervisor

managing the free-time for students in the school and making it enjoyable with some activities that I manage like basketball, football and more

2018 - Heute

Swimming Instructor

Freelancer swimming instructor in Graz for kids, adults and I offer special swimming courses for people with learning and movement disabilities.


2015 - 2017

PE Teacher

I worked as PE teacher for MYP in an international school in Jordan, I had responsibilities in leading the PE curriculum for students in grades 6-10, organising sports events, managing the extra (Soccer and swimming) activities after school, and community coordinator.

About Me

I’ve finished my bachelor’s in Sports rehabilitation from Jordan and was recognized by the University of Graz after passing the required courses and exams. moreover, I worked since 2015 in the teaching and sports entertainment field where I found my passion and love to deliver my knowledge about sports to others.

I got a clear path after graduating to work in the teaching and swimming field, because of that I did many certifications from famous teaching schools around the world like Swim England which has one of the most effective curricula to teach swimming and Autism swim where the focus more on delivering swimming lessons for people with autism and learning difficulties.


2020- ongoing

Master Degree in Advanced Teaching


Autism Swim Specialist

2009 - 2014

Bachelor in Sport Rehabilitation


Teaching 98%
Training 91%
Sport Rehabilitation 89%
Events Coordinator 88%
Work Management 85%


Contact Info

mohanad Al-karajeh

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