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Swimming courses for kids and adults in Graz

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Swimming Courses

Different courses to fit your needs

Small groups

Small groups

Maximum capacity in one session will be 2 persons for 45 min.

Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment

No worries about the equipments, all of them will be provided by me.

About Swimming school Mo

Enjoy Your Learning To Swim

Based on the last methods of teaching swimming. As Sport science background and specialized in teaching swimming, you will have the best experience ever to learn to swim.

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Our Special Offer

Swimming Class For You

Different courses to fit your need, learn to swim, improve your swimming, focus on the techniques…



Learn swimming from 0

Special courses for customers who didn’t have any experience in the water, or cannot swim in deep water.



Group courses

You know swimming, but you need to learn another swimming style, this course is for you



Improve your time, swim longer

Are you looking to challenge yourself and discover your abilities in swimming? make a weekly challenge to improve your swimming to swim longer and improve your time



Autism swim

Nothing is impossible, there is always a space for people with autism to learn swimming with me.



House pool (in Graz)

Having a pool at home is a perfect advantage for you to learn swimming in your comfort area.



House pool (out of Graz)

Having a pool at home is a perfect advantage for you to learn swimming in your comfort area.

Not more than 20 km away from Graz

Our Expertise

We Provide The Best Swimming Class

We practice more than talking, we face the weakness to make it our strength.


Successful Swimmer

9 of 10 participants can swim after enrolling in my swimming courses after registering in 10 sessions course

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Some Quotes From My Students

Each child had a unique story, a unique ability and unique character. Each one of them left a peace of love in my heart.

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